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How to Care for Your CPAP Equipment


  • Hand-wash the mask cushion at least once per week with mild soap and rinse well.

  • Hand-wash any direct nasal interface daily or every other day with mild soap and rinse well.

  • If you have a Flexi-Fit mask, do not immerse the grey foam inner cushion. Instead, it should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and left to air dry.


  • Hand wash as needed with a mild liquid soap, rinse well and let air dry.

  • Do not place in washer or dryer.

  • Leave straps attached to mask frame when cleaning.


  • Filters must be in place whenever the unit is on.

  • Hand-wash the sponge filter once per week with a mild liquid soap, rinse well and let air dry.

  • Make sure the filter is completely dry before reinserting into machine.

  • Rotate filters if a second filter is supplied.

  • If your unit has a secondary (optional) white paper filter, this is not washable and must be replaced when visibly dirty. Check monthly and replace as needed.


  • Flush with warm water or a diluted mild liquid soap and rinse well.

  • Hang to dry.


  • Use only distilled water (if traveling, you may use bottled drinking water).

  • Add water as needed do not empty daily.

  • Clean humidifier weekly.

  • Wash with a mild soap and rinse well.

  • Disinfect by soaking with 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts tap water for 20 minutes and rinse well.

  • Empty all water from the chamber before packing or for relocation of equipment.

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