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Since the Sleep Center opened in November 2004, we've helped thousands of patients sleep better and live happier. In fact, we perform an average of 200 sleep studies per month. Our patients are consistently amazed at the difference a healthy sleep life can make...and we want to share their stories with you.

Sherry's Story - Stanwood, WA

I read an article about a boy who was diagnosed with ADHD, but actually had a sleep disorder. My son had many of the same symptoms so I asked my doctor to have him evaluated for a sleep disorder. The sleep center staff was fantastic. Desmond felt very safe and comfortable and I was able to stay with him during the entire process. The experience was actually fun. Since starting treatment, Desmond's ADHD symptoms are gone, his attention in school is better, and he sleeps through the night. Desmond is like a new kid.

Donald's Story - Connecticut

I was dizzy, drowsy and would suddenly pass out during the day. Even after an extensive medical evaluation that included a brain MRI, an echocardiogram and heart stress testing, no diagnosis was found. When I came to Everett, the doctors thought the spells were due to a sleep disorder. After an overnight sleep test, I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Now the spells and drowsiness are gone. I haven't had this much energy in years! Who would have thought a sleep disorder could cause all of my symptoms?

Matthew's Story - Marysville, WA

I lost my job because I would fall asleep in meetings. I could barely stay awake during the day. I went to your sleep center and had a great experience. The technicians were very friendly, helpful and professional.

Now that my sleep disorder is under control, my life is back on track. I have a new job and plenty of energy to stay awake all day.

Susan's Story - Snohomish, WA

I have napped daily for more years than I can remember. I had no energy, was depressed, and could hardly make it through the day. Then I had my sleep disorders evaluation and treatment. At your sleep center the staff was very knowledgeable and spent a lot of quality time explaining everything so I always knew what to expect. The room and bed were so comfortable -- it was like a five star hotel! The results have been wonderful. I am so happy and relieved to finally have my life back. Thank you!

Jeff's Story - Everett, WA

I was having severe headaches and taking addicting painkillers. I ended up on short-term disability due to sleepiness, mood swings and irritability. I would also nod off while driving. My doctor recommended a sleep disorders evaluation, which included an overnight stay at the North Puget Sound Center for Sleep Disorders. The staff was fantastic, as was the view and accommodations. Since being treated for my sleep disorder, my headaches are gone. I am back to work and in a great mood.

Stephanie's Story - Everett, WA

I used to dread bedtime. I was sluggish and tired all day long. Even on short car trips, I would pull over for a nap. Once I nodded off while driving and hit a guardrail. My physician referred me to the Sleep Center. I was skeptical, but the staff was awesome. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I was so comfortable -- It was like spending the night in a nice hotel. Now that my sleep disorder is treated, I feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning. For the first time in years, I feel like I have my life back.
disorder could cause all of my symptoms?
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