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Tips For Better Sleep

  • Set a strict bed-time and wake-time and stick to them. Use an alarm clock.
  • Use your bed for sleep (and sex) only. No reading, watching TV, eating, etc., in bed.
  • No exercise, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol or sweets 3-4 hours prior to bed.
  • Sleep in a quiet, dark and comfortable environment.
  • If you have recurrent anxiety-provoking or worrisome thoughts while trying to sleep, get out of bed and write them down.
  • Do not look at the clock (ever) while in bed. Turn it away from you.
  • If awake in bed for 15-30 minutes (estimated -- do not look at clock): Get out of bed, go to another room and read extremely boring material (microwave oven manual) under dim light until sleepy again. Then go back to bed. If awake 15-30 minutes, repeat the process.
  • No daily naps.

Sleep Study Information

When you arrive, you will be shown to your room and made comfortable. When you are ready to go to sleep, our staff will attach respiration and monitoring sensors to your body to collect breathing patterns, heart rhythms, and brain wave activity. The sensors are painless and will work through the night while you sleep.

Upon awakening, the sensors will be removed and you will be given follow-up instructions. Our board certified sleep disorders specialists will carefully interpret the results of your diagnostic study and develop an effective treatment plan.

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